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Song List

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Whiskey Lullaby (wav)

500-miles (midi)

Kiss This (wav)

Angelmor (midi)
One More Day (midi) 
Wicked (midi)
Only Time (midi)
On The Wings of Love (wav)
Sweet Emotion (wav)
The Rose (wav)
I'll Go On Loving You (wav)
How Do You Get That Lonely (wav)
You've Got A Way With Me (wav)
My Best Friend (wav)
Eye of The Tiger (midi)


Danger Zone (wav)
Baby I Love You (wav)
I Swear (wav)
When a Man Loves a Woman (wav)
Amazed (wav)
Happy Birthday Baby (midi)
Beverley Hillbillies (midi)
Jeopardy (midi)
Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This (wav)
Remember When (wav)
Desperately (wav)
From this Moment (midi)
Autumn Whispering (midi)
Always on my Mind (midi)
Boardwalk (midi)


Forever Young (midi)
Ready for some Football (wav)
This Kiss (wav)
Touch Me When We're Dancin'
Top Gun (midi)
Dust in the Wind (midi)
Auld Lang Syne (mp3)
Auld Lang Syne (midi 1)
Auld Lang Syne (midi 2)
Angel of Mine (midi)
When I Fall In Love (wav)
When You Say Nothing At All (wav)





I Love You (wav)

Happy Birthday 10 (wav)

Happy Birthday 01 (wav)



The songs on this site are for your listening pleasure only.  I take no legal liability for any misuse to any and all copyrights.  The sound files are of reduced quality and in some cases only a partial of the original song is present.   

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