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Tourney Messages

3:07am on September 6 by Your Name
John rewarded 136 LadderBux
Mary rewarded 272 LadderBux
Mike rewarded 226 LadderBux
Mike rewarded 250 LadderBux from T.D. Donation
Cindy rewarded 113 LadderBux
Cindy rewarded 250 LadderBux from T.D. Donation

Tourney Info

T.D.: Your Name
Date: June 27, 2007
Ladder: League Name
I.D. #: 173085
Location: Where you play
Type: Bracket (Single-Elim)
Format: 2 vs 2
LadderStats: Yes
Entry Fee: 75
Donation 500
Rounds: 8
Seed by: Rating

Times (eastern)

2:30 am Check-In Begins
3:00 am Round 1
3:30 am Round 2
4:00 am Round 3
4:30 am Round 4
5:00 am Round 5
5:30 am Round 6
6:00 am Round 7
6:30 am Round 8

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