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Tourney Info

T.D.: Your Name
Date: August 18, 2005
Ladder: League Name
I.D. #: 173085
Location: Where you play
Type: Bracket (Single-Elim)
Format: 2 vs 2
LadderStats: Yes
Entry Fee: 75
Rounds: 8
Seed by: Rating

Times (eastern)

2:30 am Check-In Begins
3:00 am Round 1
3:30 am Round 2
4:00 am Round 3
4:30 am Round 4
5:00 am Round 5
5:30 am Round 6
6:00 am Round 7
6:30 am Round 8


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Background color: #
Link color: #
Text color: #
Header background color: #
Header text color: #
Small header color: #
Title color: #

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